Business Cash Management

Simplify the Financial Management of Your Business

Lake Sunapee Bank is dedicated to providing your business with the financial services and expertise required to meet the demands of today’s fast-paced working world. 

We offer many Business Cash Management tools to assist you in growth, organization and profitability. By offering different levels of service and pricing, we can accommodate both the Sole Proprietor who just wants their account information accessible and the large Corporation who is looking to streamline operations.

Through our detailed analysis process, our Business Banking representatives can recommend a Business Cash Management strategy specifically designed for your needs.

For more information on our Business Cash Management services, call 800-281-5772 today and ask for a business representative.

Online Banking

The Cornerstone of our Business Cash Management Solutions

Online Banking Features:

  • Transfer money
  • Make payments
  • View account balances 
  • View statement history and download statement information 
  • Request Stop Payments
  • Set up employee user access for only the information they need for their responsibilities

Mobile Banking 

Bank safely and securely anywhere. Check your account balances, review account history, pay bills and transfer funds. Everything you can do online you can do with our Mobile Banking application.

Our Mobile Banking app is available for web-enabled and text mobile devices*. Sign up today through your online banking in your account management options menu. 


Advanced Cash Management Services

Pay bills quickly with iPayBiz

Enjoy a dynamic bill payment process specifically for businesses. iPayBiz has an eBill feature – receive bills electronically right in iPayBiz and make payments – all in one location.

  • Man age Your Payroll
  • Direct Deposit, Vendor Payments, Federal Tax Payments, Bank to Bank Transfers, Membership Dues
  • Import ACH files created by other programs
  • Process Domestic Wire Transfers
  • Set up employee user access to only the information relevant to their responsibilities

Click here to watch this demo for iPay Biz.

Remote Deposit Capture

Capture money orders, consumer checks, cashier’s checks and commercial checks electronically with a secure, accountable check processing system right from your business, eliminating trips to the bank. All you need is a computer, secure internet connection and a scanner (fees apply) from Lake Sunapee Bank.

  • Availability of funds is much faster - make deposits and pay your invoices the very next day
  • More than one location? See images and balances instantaneously
  • Enjoy extended daily deposit deadlines to 5:00 pm
  • Find out about returned items quicker
  • Eliminates the need of a lockbox

For more information, call 800-281-5772 today and ask for a Business Banking representative.

Cash Management Sweep Agreement

Maximize your cash position and invest your excess balance daily with this competitively priced and convenient account. For more information, call 800-281-5772 today and ask for a Business Banking representative.