New or Pre-Owned Vehicle Loans

Our vehicle financing options will start you down the right road. We offer:

  • New or pre-owned cars and light trucks*
  • Motorcycles
  • Marine and recreational vehicles 


  • .25% off rate for the purchase of a Hybrid Vehicle
  • Loan servicing is held locally so you can talk to someone local about your loan 

* Pre-owned loan amount not to exceed loan value as identified in the most recent NADA guide.


Deposit Secured Loan

Use your Lake Sunapee Bank deposits as collateral to get a personal loan.

  • Use your savings account or CD as collateral
  • Rate is set over interest rate earned on Deposit Account (see current rates)
  • No waiting for an approval


Overdraft Loan 

Protect your checking account from overdraft fees with our Overdraft Loan.

  • No collateral required – unsecured based on your credit history
  • Automatic payment available
  • Minimal application costs