Fraud Protection

Being aware of scams and solicitation for fraudulent purposes goes a long way in protecting your personal information. Scams are perpetrated any number of ways, arriving via the internet, telephone or traditional mail and designed to make you act impulsively. 

For more information about protecting your security, privacy and account information please visit We encourage you to use the information in this link to identify and mitigate risks that could harm the safety and security of your information and your accounts. Because thieves and fraudsters are constantly changing and updating their methods, you should periodically re-visit this link to obtain new protection ideas. 

It's important to keep an eye on your credit information to prevent becoming a victim of identity theft and fraud. You are entitled to one free Personal Credit Report in a 12-month period. To request this free annual report visit

LSB Alert Center

When a potential fraudulent transaction on your debit card is detected, LSB Alert Center will contact you through your choice of phone and email, or text and email to verify the transaction. The phone number to call for phone and email notifications is 866-446-1180.

If you respond that the transaction was authorized, you may continue to use your card as usual.

If you respond that the transaction was unauthorized, the LSB Alert Center will immediately deactivate your card, and a representative from the LSB Alert Center will contact you.

If you are unavailable to respond to the LSB Alert within 30 minutes, your card will be temporarily deactivated as a precautionary measure. When you respond to the alert (within four days) your card will either be reactivated or you will be contacted by a representative from LSB Alert Center.

Go to our FAQs for complete information.

Traveling Abroad?

Remember to Notify The Bank To Avoid Disruptions.

Providing us with your detailed travel plans helps you avoid account disruptions when you are traveling outside the United States. If we are not notified, please note that transactions outside the United States will immediately generate an alert and deactivate your card. See our FAQs for our LSB Alert Center regarding traveling abroad.

Please contact our Customer Service Center at 800-281-5772 or fill out our Travel Notification form before you go to avoid disruption of access.